Who is Twitch Streamer Mekabear? Twitter, Age, Height, Real Name



Mekabear is a famous American Twitch streamer who is renowned for her content of gaming as a partnered streamer. Moreover, she is also a variety caster on Twitch.

Matter of fact, she is also prominent for her work in different field including online video gaming, Dj and considering her games to be RP, RPGs, and Indies. Basically, Mekabear does her gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V on her Twitch. And, she is also a Twitch partner.

Quick Facts: Mekabear

Name Mekabear
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Twitch Star
Instagram @mekabear_
Twitter @MEKABEAR_

10 Facts About Mekabear

  1. Regarding the age, Mekabear maybe in her 20s. But, her actual birth year is yet to get known. Also, her birthday is still hidden.
  2. Better known for her Twitch streams, Mekabear is available on Twitch with a verified account. She has more than 58.8k followers on her Twitch account.
  3. Currently, we can visualize Mekabear involvement on Twitter since May 2017. She has more than 10.9k followers and 737 followings.
  4. Being a native of the United States, Mekabear holds an American nationality. Presently, she resides in Austin, Texas.
  5. Despite being a Twitch star, Mekabear is still left out from the official page of Wikipedia bio. However, we’re trying our best to provide adequate information about her.
  6. Furthermore, Mekabear is also active on Instagram under the username @mekabear_. You can follow her anytime to see her posts and stuff.
  7. Moving on to her body appearance, as seen in her photos she is quite dazzling with good stature and moderate body. However, there are no exact details about Mekabear’s height and weight. 
  8. What Is Mekabear real name? Well, we’re still unaware of what is her real name is but preferably she likes to introduce herself as Amber. However, we’re unknown of her background and family.
  9. To date, Makabear has not talked much about her boyfriend or relationship status. So, she may or may not be dating.
  10. How rich is Makabear? Being a Twitch audience, you may wonder how bountiful she is. But, she prefers to keep her personal things private. So, Makabear’s net worth is unavailable at the moment.

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