Who Was Her First Husband?

Connie Schultz Husband Sherrod Brown And Children: Who Was Her First Husband?

Connie Schultz Husband Sherrod Brown And Children: Who Was Her First Husband?

Connie Schultz Husband Sherrod Brown is the first thing people ask when it comes to Connie Schultz’s lifestyle. Indeed their lovey-dovey relationship is what fascinate people the most. So, in the article, we’ll be discussing her love life, family, and career background.

American writer and journalist Connie Schultz are currently known for her work as Creators Syndicate’s syndicated columnist. Earlier, she worked for the newspaper named The Cleveland Plain Dealer from 1993 to 2011.

Who Was Connie Schultz First Husband? Sherrod Brown And Married Life

Connie Schultz’s first and last husband seems to be Sherrod Brown. Yes! as per the record, she married at the age of 47 with the love of her life Sherrod. Sherrod is professionally an American politician who is currently serving as the senior United States Senator.

Connie Schultz’s wedding with her now-husband Sherrod Brown was held in the year 2004. And at the time of the wedding, she was 47 years old. The couple has been together for one and a half-decade, and still, her husband loves her. In fact, she still leaves love note on her pillow,

Connie Schultz’s Children & Family Detail

With her beloved husband, Connie Schultz shares two children; a son and a daughter. Now, both her kids have settled down with a marriage. In fact, she has become a grandmother to several more grandchildren.

Besides, Connie has three siblings two sisters and a brother in the family. Sadly, when she was 42 years old, she lost her mother, as per TampaBay. At the time of death, her mother was 62 years old.

Schultz Net Worth & Career Explored

Born on 21 July 21, 1957, Connie Schultz is a well-established journalist and writer; so, she indeed has garnered a huge net worth from her career. The exact figure of the net worth remains secretive. Some of the wiki sites believe that Connie Schultz has already accumulated more than $1 Million net worth.

Connie derives her income and fortune from her career in Journalism. She works as the Creators Syndicate’s nationally syndicated columnist. Earlier, she worked for The Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper.

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