Why Did He Leave Wynonna Earp?

Shamier Anderson Wife, Height Age: Why Did He Leave Wynonna Earp?

Shamier Anderson Wife, Height Age: Why Did He Leave Wynonna Earp?

Shamier Anderson is a Canadian actor born on May 6, 1991, in Toronto, Canada. The 29 years old Canadian has no information about his parents but he has two brothers. One of his brothers has joined the military and another has followed steps to be an actor.

Name Shamier Anderson
Birthday May6,1991
Age 29 years
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 1 inch
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Black
Profession Actor
Married/Single Single
Instagram shamieranderson
Twitter ShamierAnderson

Shamier Anderson went to Wexford School for the Arts where he studied musical theatre and also worked in dramas. Shamier Anderson has worked in both movies and tv shows while sometimes he only has a small role and sometimes he was part of the cast as well.


10 Facts on Shamier Anderson

  1. Shamier Anderson is a 29 years old Canadian actor born on May 6, 1991, who is in the cast of Wynonna Earp.
  2. The actor is from the black community with black eyes and has a great smile and his height is 6ft 1 inch.
  3. Shamier Anderson started acting in movies and tv shows since 2009 and is still working in some shows.
  4. In 2010, Shamier Anderson had a breakthrough in a career as he got one movie and two tv shows to act.
  5. Shamier Anderson did a Tv show called Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure where he has the role of lead dancer for which he did a lot of dancing training.
  6. In the movie, Love Jacked which is a comedy romantic movie, Shamier Anderson acted as the lead actor alongside Amber Stevens West.
  7. In 2019, Shamier Anderson handed an award to Meryl Streep and he said that moment was the best moment of his life during his interview.
  8. Shamier Anderson is a single guy and is not dating anyone currently but is ready to have a relationship.
  9. The actor of Wynonna Earp had his character agent Dolls killed because of his upcoming movies with Johnny Dep and Nicole Kidman
  10. Shamier Anderson is being recognized by his acting skills in Hollywood recently and this might be his time to shine among the legends. 

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