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Tabitha Worsley Parents Age: Meet The Jockey On Instagram

Tabitha Worsley Parents Age: Meet The Jockey On Instagram

Tabitha Worsley Parents couldn’t be more proud after setting a challenge in the Grand National.

Tabitha Worsley is a horse jockey who won the 2019 Foxhunters. She is getting closer to making history by becoming the first-ever female winner in the Grand National.

Who Are Tabitha Worsley Parents?

Tabitha Worsley was raised by her supportive parents, whose enthusiasm is the reason behind her current success.

In fact, her mother, Georgie Howell, is her personal trainer. The mother and daughter hope for the best as they march forward in achieving their first national title.

Her Age Revealed

Tabitha Worsley’s current age is already 26 years old.

Reportedly, she was born on January 11, 1995. She had broken into the headlines after winning the 2018-19 amateur season. Currently, she is being sponsored by Dave Lowe Media.

Everything To Know About Jockey Tabitha Worsley

Jockey Tabitha Worsley ranked fifth in her recent race at Plumpton.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, her nationality is British. Currently, she rides a 12-years-old horse who gets excited before every race and needs at least two people to take control.

Is She On Wikipedia?

Tabitha Worsley’s details are not updated on Wikipedia.

However, we can surely find her profile on Sky Sports. Her last win was on April 1, 2021, at Plumpton. Next, she will be competing against Sub Lieutenant, who also has a great form like Tabitha’s.

Her Family Details Explored

Tabitha Worsley will be getting full support from her family in the Grand National.

In fact, she believes that she will be representing her small team. Everyone will be present there, and it will be grand if she wins the title. Furthermore, we have come to know that her mother runs an engineering business despite having an immense passion for horse racing.

Moving on, Tabitha is very active on social media platforms. She is active on Twitter and Instagram with over 1.2 thousand and 1.2 thousand followers. 

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