Alex Trebek Wife, Children and Family

Jean Currivan Trebek: Alex Trebek Wife, Children and Family

Jean Currivan Trebek: Alex Trebek Wife, Children and Family

Jean Currivan Trebek is famous for being the wife of the popular TV show host Alex Trebek. Alex is best known as the long term host of the American quiz show, “Jeopardy”.

Jean is an American businesswoman. She works as a real estate project manager. Jean tied the knot with Alex in 1990 and are together for more than 30 years. Despite having an age gap of more than 24 years, this couple seems to have a pretty healthy relationship. They also have two children together namely Matthew and Emily.

Apart from being known as a celebrity spouse, Jean has made her name and fame in her real estate business and is a successful businesswoman. She is one of the members of the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science also. She is a very religious person.

Here is everything we know about Jean Currivan Trebek, wife of Alex Trebek.

Jean Currivan Trebek Age

Jean Currivan Trebek was born on September 3, 1963, in New York City, USA. She grew up in Huntington, Long Island, NY. Jean is around 56 years old as of 2020. Currivan is 24 years younger than her husband, Alex Trebek who is around 80 years old currently.

Jean Currivan Trebek and Alex Trebek’s Relationship

Jean met Alex at a party in 1988 when she was just 25 years old. Jean had revealed that she was very nervous to speak with the established and famous host of the popular game show Jeopardy. But Alex was very down to earth and the two really made a deep connection through that meeting.

After dating for about two years, Alex proposed to Jean on her 26th birthday with a 16-carat sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds and they married each other in 1990. They tied the knot at a place called Regency Club in Los Angeles. The ceremony was star-studded and there were more than 150 guests.

It was Alex’s second marriage, he was previously married to Elaine Trebek Karens in 1974 and the marriage lasted for only 7 years. In an interview which was taken just recently, Alex Trebek said that he wished he had met Jean as early as in his 20s so that he could have spent his entire life together just like George Bush and his wife. But then at that time, Jean would not have been born yet.  

Jean and Alex have gone through a tough time also when Alex had to battle against Pancreatic cancer. Jean said that it was a very hard time for her to watch Alex in pain and she could not do anything except pray and have faith in her religion. 

Jean Currivan Trebek: Children and Family

Jean and Alex have been blessed with two children who have grown up already. They have a 30-year-old son, Matthew Trebek, and a 27-year-old daughter, Emily Trebek.

Their son Mathew owns a Mexican restaurant in Harlem, New york. His eatery Oso has a four-star rating on Yelp. The couple bought an expensive building at 140th street Frederick Douglass Boulevard for Matthew which cost them around $1.2 million. Matthew mentioned that his mother Jean had been a more influential parent while opening the restaurant.

On the other hand, their daughter Emily has also graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2015. She has been following her mother’s footsteps and is trying to establish her career in the real estate business.

Jean Currivan and Matthew are a little shy and private person while Alex and Emily are much more outgoing and want to entertain people. Jean is not active on social media platforms.  Lately since the coronavirus pandemic Jean has been posting photos on her Instagram.



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