Armando Manzanero Ex Wife Age And Net Worth

Olga Aradillas: Facts On Armando Manzanero’s Ex-Wife

Olga Aradillas: Facts On Armando Manzanero’s Ex-Wife

Among various marriages of romantic singing legend, Armando Manzanero, the ties with his ex-wife, Olga Aradillas was the most controversial one. The couple remained married for four years from 2002 to 2006. However, their separation yielded a lot of drama. Olga sued Armando for physical assault and torture and they were forced to do a long legal dance with each other. 

Quick Facts: Olga Aradillas: Facts On Armando Manzanero’s Ex-Wife

Name Olga Aradillas
Gender Female
Nationality Mexican
Married/Single Divorced
Husband Armando Manzanero

A piece of unfortunate news has been confirmed recently as the Mexican singer and composer, Armando Manzanero is no more with us. He died in a hospital in Mexico City following a few months’ battle with covid-19. The singer was widely celebrated for his post-war romantic songs and lullabies. It won him the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014, one more honor added to his remarkable career. 

Here are a few facts to know about his ex-wife, Olga Aradillas. 

10 Facts on Olga Aradillas

  1. Olga Aradillas was the ex-wife of Armando Manzanero. She was the fourth woman with whom the singer tied the knots. 
  2. As it has already been a long time since their separation, Olga Aradillas’s age (edad) and birthday remain unknown for now. 
  3. They were together between 2002 and 2006. 
  4. The love story that started with colors didn’t end with the same note for them. Olga’s marriage with Armando was highly controversial. 
  5. It is because she accused him of physical violence against her and sued him. 
  6. However, Olga Aradillas’s net worth is under review at the moment. 
  7. Likewise, nothing much is known about her family either. 
  8. Moving on, Olga Aradillas doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography (biografia) of her own. 
  9. Her current address remains a mystery as she has been out of the spotlight for a long period of time. 
  10. Armando Manzanero went and married another woman, Laura Elena in 2014. He met his unfortunate demise on December 28, 2020, at the age of 85. 

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