Bella Fitz Tiktok Aka Nosebleedfitz

Bella Fitz Tiktok Aka Nosebleedfitz – Who Is Transgender TikTok Artist?

Bella Fitz Tiktok Aka Nosebleedfitz – Who Is Transgender TikTok Artist?

Bella Fitz is a very famous makeup artist, TikTok star and Instagram influencer. Bella Fitz is also known as Nosebleedfitz. 

Bella Fitz Tiktok Aka Nosebleedfitz

Bella Fitz was born in England. She is a British Transgender artist who is into makeup, styling, and filming videos.

Bella has a TikTok called nosebleedfitz where she posts videos of dance, funny videos, voiceover, etc. She has fun content to keep her followers entertained. 

She has over 688k followers with 53.7 million likes. Her fans love her content creation. The fact that Bella is herself and is proud to show her identity without doubting herself is truly remarkable.

Nosebleedfitz Real Name 

Bella Misandria Wardle Fitzpatrick is Bella Fitz’s real name. Born in England she has a very strong British Accent. The British accent is one of the sexiest accents in the world she really has a great voice.

Bella is a transgender woman who loves fashion, makeup, and making funny videos.

She has become a big-time influencer by her other name nosebleedfitz.

How Old Is Bella Fitz?

Bella was born on October 1st, 2001. She is 19 years old. Bella just being a 19-year-old teenager is already an influencer on social media. She has been a very idol for the LGBTIQ community. 

Bella Journey On Transgender 

Bella had created a Gofundme account for her surgery. Her surgery was for her gender transition. The surgery costs a lot which Bella was not able to afford. 

Due to her large fan following and support of her fans, her gofundme fundraiser was quickly filled with $20000.

Bella was not just happy but was overwhelmed with the response and tremendous support.


♬ Help! I’m a Fish – Creamy

This shows that not all people are homophobic. There are people who support the LGBTIQ community and help them grow in their journey.

Bella is a very proud transwoman. She has shown the world her true identity and lived her life to the fullest.

Bella Instagram

Bella’s Instagram goes with the name nosebleedfitz. She has 44.5k followers. She does not have a verified Instagram account yet. 

Her Instagram account is a business account that she has formed as a public figure. 

Bella even has her own merch. Being an influencer she has a lot of fan art done for her. She also receives a lot of PR packages. 

Bella has been a strong influencer and inspiration to the LGBTIQ community.

She surely has a lot to achieve in whatever she desires.







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