Who Is Bertina Olafson? Bio Wikipedia And Age

How Old is Bertina Olafson? Wikipedia Bio On Bull Rider

How Old is Bertina Olafson? Wikipedia Bio On Bull Rider

Bertina Olafson at age of 47 fulfilled her dream to be a horse racing champion. Get to know Olafson’s bio and who she is.

Bertina is a horse racer from Canada. She won the Barrel Racing Championship at the Calgary Stampede.

Bertina Olafson Age – How Old Is She?

Bertina Olafson’s age is 47 years old.

Olafson is from Hudson Bay in the northeastern part of Canada. She was born and bred there.

Besides, we could not pinpoint the exact birthdate of Bertina. She has not disclosed when she has her birthday celebrations.

Olafson reveals she has been keen on horses and horse riding from a young age. She always dreamt of competing on a big stage once in her life.

Bertina may seem old to be a horse rider, especially in barrel racing. But she has been a really good competitor after trying her hands on barrel racing after reaching 38 years old.

Likewise, Olafson says she grew up with her parents on a farm. Her father used to drive chuckwagons at the time.

Bertina Olafson Bio and Wikipedia – Who Is She?

Bertina Olafson lacks her bio on a Wikipedia page.

Olafson started pursuing her passion for horse riding professionally just around a decade ago. But her interest in horse riding dates back to her childhood.

Nonetheless, Olafson has taken part in numerous horse races as of now. She has developed her techniques and skills to be among the toughest cowgirl at present.

In the meantime, Bertina clinched a victory in Barrel racing at the Calgary Stampede. Interestingly, she was the only Canadian rider in the showdown.

Besides, Olafson rides and trains many horses. But Duke is the one who she considers for tough competitions.

Duke has turned 13 years old now. The pair earned probably the biggest title in their racing career.

Bertina Olafson Net Worth and Salary

Bertina Olafson must have a good net worth out of her horse-riding career.

Olafson does not receive a periodic salary. Instead, she earns a good sum of money for each race she appears in.

In fact, she made around $62 thousand following the barrel racing win on Sunday. Also, she had registered an earning of $20k in 2018.

Bertina’s Husband and Family

Bertina has a husband whose identity is a mystery for now.

Besides, Olafson is a mother of two children. To point out, she has a son named Justin who is 25 years old now.

Her kids were involved in sports during their high school.

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