How To Do Electrical Tape Challenge?

Electrical Tape Challenge On TikTok  Explained: How To Do Electrical Tape Challenge?

Electrical Tape Challenge On TikTok  Explained: How To Do Electrical Tape Challenge?

Electrical Tape Challenge is what keeps a lot of TikTok users from around the world busy on the Chinese social media app. In 2020, we as TikTok users have come across a number of challenges and trends on TikTok. The latest trend to hit the social media app TikTok is Electrical Tape Challenge.

Before we move ahead with this TikTok challenge, we wanna tell you this, this challenge is a simple dance challenge but has some twists.

What is quite inevitable with TikTok trends is that most of the users on the app look to give it a try at least once. Well, in case, you are also looking to give Electrical Tape Challenge a try on TikTok, we wanna warn you. This trend is quite awful and has a touch of nudity down the line. Unless you are ready to some your abs and go shirtless on TikTok, you shouldn’t try it.

Electrical Tape Challenge On TikTok Explained

Electrical Tape Challenge on TikTok is another TikTok trend to amaze TikTok users in 2020. As the name suggests Electrical Tape Challenge, you might be wondering if it has something to do with electrical tapes. But it is not. Well, we have already seen #ducttape trend on TikTok where netizens use tape to pull out some interesting things.

Flat tire prank 😂 haven’t seen this done in tiktok yet ft. @kdawgg__ ##fyp ##pranks ##foryoupage ##ducttape

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It is only normal for you to think of some electrical tape belongings when you hear Electrical Tape Challenge on TikTok. Get ready for the twist!

TikTok videos shared under Electrical Tape Challenge starts with TikTok users keeping their hands inside their shirts. Then the user begins to hit his/her shirt to make it look like a beating heart. As TikTokers perform this shirt thing, the remix song Habit by singer Tove Lo plays in the background.


Electrical tape challenge accepted 💪💪💪😎##viral ##duet ##followforfollowback ##tiktokph ##TROPZVLOG

♬ Drummer Girl (Contains music from: Habits – Tove Lo) – _kennedy33

During the video, the users do a dance to the song Habit. Now you might be wondering what’s awful in trying this trend on TikTok. After all, just dancing to the song Habit does not ring any nudity. Well, the nudity parts come in the last. Here’s why you should try to stay away from this trend.

Why is the Electrical Tape Challenge on TikTok awful?

Electrical Tape Challenge on TikTok has to be the most awful TikTok challenge to have been created in 2020. And we suggest you keep some distance from this trend and it will be best for you if you don’t think of giving it a try.

When the users are done dancing to the song Habit, they lift their shirt and expose their upper body. They fully expose their upper body part on the camera. They apply pieces of electrical tapes over their nipples to keep the content somehow censored. Both male and female users apply electrical tape. The use of electrical tape has given its name, Electrical Tape Challenge.


Sorry na wala kaming electric tape hahahahahahah🤣

♬ Drummer Girl (Contains music from: Habits – Tove Lo) – _kennedy33

Now you know why we are suggesting you stay away from this challenge. But if you are willing to go shirtless exposing your upper body part to all of your TikTok followers, you might give it a try. You do it at your own risk!

How To Do Electrical Tape Challenge?

If you are willing to do the Electrical Tape Challenge on TikTok, there’s not much you need to know. The first thing we ask of you before you want to try this trend is, are you willing to go shirtless on TikTok. If yes, the rest is quite easy for you.

All, you have to do this challenge is to have a few dancing skills. Or at least, you know how to shake your body to a beat. Start this challenge by keeping your hands inside your shirt and shake your hands as if it reflects like a beating heart. By the way, do not forget to get a shirt first.

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