Mia Fevola Age, Boyfriend, Dating, Split, Parents, Instagram

Mia Fevola

Mia Fevola

Mia Fevola is the step-daughter of famous Australian professional football player Brendan Fevola. Mia was born to her mother previous relationship before she met Brendan and Brendan has been taking care of her stepdaughter as if like his own daughter and is very close to her.

Recently Mia has been in all kinds of social media platform because of her breakup with her long time partner Daniel Rioli who is also a professional Australian rules football player. She is mostly known as a makeup artist and is also a marketing student.

Name Mia Fevola
Birthday January 14, 2000
Age 20
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 6 in
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Profession Makeup Artist
Parents Alex Cheatham(Mother) Brendan Fevola(Father)
Siblings 3
Married/Single single
Instagram @mia.fev

10 Facts on Mia Fevola:

  1. Mia Fevola was born in Australia on January 14, 2000.
  2. Her current age as of 2020 is just 20 years old but she hasn’t revealed her exact birthplace in Australia yet.
  3. Mia and her Ex-Boyfriend started dating in 2018 as they dated for 2 years and finally in February 2020 they split as they ended their 2 years long relationship.
  4. She is the daughter of Australian Photographer Alex Cheatham and her step-father Brendan Fevola is also a famous professional football player as her real father’s name hasn’t been revealed yet and she has even kept her step-father surname after her’s.
  5. Mia Fevola is available in her social media on Instagram where her username is @mia.fev as she has more than 129k followers.
  6. Mia is mostly known as a makeup artist and she is even the founder of her own clothing lineup brand named Mallt collection which is an online shopping store in Australia but is shipping worldwide.
  7. Despite being apart from her boyfriend Daniel Rioli she hasn’t deleted her Instagram story with her boyfriend as her boyfriend is also frequently visiting her ex-girlfriend house.
  8. Mia Fevola went to RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.
  9. Mia’s height is around 5 feet and 5 inches tall and is very active in her modeling career.
  10. She has her own youtube channel Mia Fevola where she has more than 9k subscribers and is regularly posting her makeup videos on her youtube channel.

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