TikTok: Are Killer Clowns Coming Back In 2020: Creepy Clowns Sightings

TikTok: Are Killer Clowns Coming Back In 2020: Creepy Clowns Sightings

TikTok: Are Killer Clowns Coming Back In 2020: Creepy Clowns Sightings

Are Killer clowns making 2020 even scarier? Well, TikTok says they are back. After all that we have gone through and still enduring, I just have one thing to ask- can we or can we not deal with killer clowns? The answer, I think is a NO!!!

After the popular movie “IT”, killer clowns became insanely popular all across the world. People in Halloween and just cosplayers, in general, started becoming clowns because it was popular. Lots of people dressed up as killer clowns and pranked their friends as well as strangers.

It seemed like the prank was sone and the trend was over but in September 2020, there are people on the internet freaking out over the possible return of the killer clowns. Back in 2016, people were really creeped out by these killer clowns, and seem like they are back hunting.

Although not of all these clowns are possibly killers, people still find clowns very creepy and want these cosplayers not to even exist. But that just makes things more exciting for the killer clowns, doesn’t it?

Are Killing Clowns Coming Back In 2020?

There are people on the internet who are really freaked out about killer clowns coming back. You might think that this is just a prank but back in 2016, the situation had become so bad that there were people arrested for scaring people by being killer clowns.

And now, there are reports that notorious clowns have returned back. This all seems to be happening at election time in the USA and we don’t know who these people are and if they belong to a single group or if they don’t have any other purposes and are just rambling idiots.

Make sure you watch this video until the very end because it was very informative as well as a scary video. This all could be a creative way some people have masterfully made a fake issue to rake in the views but knowing how serious things had been in 2016, we really can’t say.

Creepy Clown Sightings TikTok 2020

There is news on the internet that clowns have been sen across the USA. Apparently, killer clowns were seen in Nashville, Alabama, Wisconsin. A new Tiktok video appeared out of nowhere 1 week ago and it was about killer clowns.


THIS HAPPENED EARLIER TODAY IN KENTUCKY‼️ ##fyp ##ProveWhatsPossible ##ActingChallenge ##killerclowns ##staysafe ##becareful ##signalboostthisvideo ##evil

♬ 3 Musketeers (feat. NextYoungin) – NextYoungin & ppcocaine

If this video was indeed real, the situation is really horrible. However, I doubt that this is an actual video because the video has a hashtag “#ActingChallenge”. People could have made a fake video and posted this hoping this would become a weird trend and they have been sort of success because we are talking about it.

There are other sites on the internet talking about possible clown sightings and you should probably check them out.

Who Are The Killer Clowns? Killer Clowns News 

America has obsessions with clowns. Stephen King’s novel played its part but there have been lots of real-life incidents as well.

A man by the name of John Wayne Gacy was a horrible serial killer who used to dress as a clown. There have been reports of people dressing up as clowns and slaughtering people. That is why people are freaking out about killer clowns.


The clown got @theanagarrett & @dragonblood5g 😭 what do we do now?? ##fyp ##foryoupage ##clown ##signalfound ##scaryclown ##killerclown ##clown ##clowns ##4u

♬ Dimly creepy mansion (music box ver.) – ACE Fantasy

People are making videos like this and I have to say, these kinds of videos are definitely scary. Even if some of these are acted out and fake, it doesn’t fail to scare some people.


There’s 2 clowns downstairs with me alone @theanagarrett ##clown ##clowns ##killerclown ##killerclowns ##clowncheck ##clowncosplay ##clownmakeup ##fyp ##viral

♬ original sound – alekhedjran

This is yet another fake but really scary video.

Furthermore, because of some people who have actually killed other humans dressed as clowns, it’s a normal thing that people are sort of freaked out by clown sightings. There are news sites writing about this as well because it’s scary.

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