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Thomas Zmich

Thomas Zmich

Thomas Zmich is a Republican politician running for Congress in their New York’s 6th Congressional District. He is also a veteran that has affiliations with the Conservative Party and Libertarian Party. 

Name Thomas Zmich
Age 58
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 8 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Politician
Married/Single Married
Twitter Tom Zmich
Facebook Zmich for Congress

The primary for the Libertarian that was supposed to happen on June 23, 2020, was canceled and he is one of the front runners for congress from his party in his district. 

10 Facts On Thomas Zmich

  1. Thomas Zmich’s age has not been revealed yet but he is in his late 50s as per online estimates. 
  2. He is from New York and is an American as per his nationality. Similarly, he is also a Caucasian as per his ethnicity. 
  3. Zmich is married but the details of his wife and his family have not been revealed as of September 2020.
  4. His net worth is also not public knowledge but he is at least worth $100,000 to $1 million.  
  5. In a similar fashion, he is a well-educated man but has not divulged information of his academic institutions to the media. 
  6. He is an army veteran and is a passionate supporter of the veterans for the Trump campaign. In fact, most of his policies and ideologies are in line with the Trump administration.
  7. One of his campaign promises includes the improvement of national security, economy, education, etc. As a former army member himself, he says he will try to improve life for veterans and current service members. 
  8. Some of his policies have been called anti-Immigrant but he describes it as putting America first. 
  9. While his campaign is lacking in the polls, his campaign managers say that he might pull off an upset, like Alexandra O. Cortez’s upset from some years before. 
  10. One of his biggest promises, if he is elected into Congress, is to reduce tax for Americans. 

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