Who Bought TikTok? Is Microsoft Buying TikTok America For $5 B

Who Bought TikTok? Is Microsoft Buying TikTok America For $5 Billion Dollars

Who Bought TikTok? Is Microsoft Buying TikTok America For $5 Billion Dollars

TikTok being bought by Microsoft? This was news that came to the light just a while ago and people had a lot of thoughts about it. The deal was not about buying the entire Tik Tok but about buying the control of US operations of Tik Tok.

TikTok’s father is the Chinese AI company called Bytedance and everything was going smooth until Trump stirred the tech world with his threat.

Donald Trump went on an anti-China spree and threatened to ban Tik Tok in the United States of America. There are reports that the USA has 80 million monthly active Tik Tok users. That would be a huge loss to the company if the Tik Tok was banned. So, Microsoft swooped in the picture trying to gain control of Tik Tok’s US operations for a whopping $5 billion dollars.

Who Bought TikTok?

TikTok was known as Musical.ly in the beginning. People were making lip-sync videos on the platform and it had a steady graph of increase. A Chinese company called Bytedance developed a video sharing application called TikTok and in a big move, Bytedance bought Musical.ly.

The app was now called TikTok and since that time, it has been under Bytedance. There have been rumors of Microsoft buying the US operations of TikTok and even if that deal was agreed upon, Tik Tok would still be owned by Bytedance.

So, as of right now, nobody has bought Tik Tok. It has since the very beginning been under the control of Bytedance.

Is Microsoft Buying TikTok America For $5 Billion Dollars?

Microsoft was in the talks for buying Tik Tok America for $5 billion dollars. You might mistake this news as Microsoft buying all of Tik Tok but that would be wrong. Tik Tok has 800 million users worldwide and to buy it whole, $5 billion dollars would be too little.

However, there was a talk about Microsoft buying and overseeing the operations of Tik Tok America. The details of the agreement were not brought out to the general public but I am pretty sure, it’s the data that’s valuable. 

This video gives an insight into TikTok and its data policy. Watch it to know more bout how data is the key to TikTok’s success and why Microsoft would want to even consider buying Tik Tok.

If Microsoft bought the TikTok USA, they would be able to monitor and use the data for Artificial Intelligence research because 80 million monthly users generate a lot of data for research.

It was news that stirred the technology world but as of now, the deal has not reached its conclusion.

Did Bill Gates Buy TikTok?

Yes, Bill Gates has talked about buying TikTok. Trump had threatened TikTok to be banned from the USA and that would not have been favorable for a Chinese company.

Then there were speculations that Microsoft could buy TikTok America. However, Trump was opposed to even that.

Bill Gates and Microsoft are two separate entities and Bill Gates could buy TikTok America privately. If he did that people on the internet would get another topic to make a conspiracy video about Bill Gates.

This Youtuber has been saying that Tik Tok America was bought by Microsoft but all the official media are reporting that talks are underway but it hasn’t been confirmed.

Is Trump Shutting Down TikTok In America?

Trump was pretty adamant about wanting to shut down TikTok in America. 

However, people are saying that Trump could allow Tik Tok to resume if its operation in America was bought by an American company. So, Microsoft could take this chance as Trump officially stands against Tik Tok right now.

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