Who Is Patti LaBelle’s Alleged Nephew? Twitter, Age, Wiki, Parents

Dan Purdy: Who Is Patti LaBelle’s Alleged Nephew? Twitter Drama Explained

Dan Purdy: Who Is Patti LaBelle’s Alleged Nephew? Twitter Drama Explained

Dan Purdy is an alleged Patti Labelle nephew who has had a history of tweeting out some racist things on the internet. However, things are taking a wild turn. Let me explain how…

Dean Browing is a former Lehigh County commissioner who tweeted out saying he was a black gay man and Obama did nothing for him. However, there’s a minor problem there. Dean is a White guy and people quickly found out that he might have been trying to spread fake messages.

An account “@DanPurdy322” which is now suspended used to reply to many posts made by Browning. That account could be Dean Browning disguised as a black man and tweeting out stuff like black people can’t vote among many other racist tirades.

Name Dan Purdy
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Anti Feminist TV critic
Twitter @DanPurdy322

10 Facts On Dan Purdy

  1. Dan Purdy is a man behind the Twitter account “DanPurdy322” but there’s a chance it could be a fake account created by Dean Browing.
  2. There are no details regarding Dan’s birth on the internet which is why I can’t inform you guys about his age.
  3. Purdy used to spread misogynistic, racist, and derogatory comments towards African Americans.
  4. The Twitter account of Dan Purdy is currently suspended because of the violations of the community guidelines of Twitter.
  5. We are unable t find anything on Dan Purdy’s relationships.
  6. A video was posted where a black guy talked and cleared the fact that he was indeed a gay black man named Dan Purdy. However, people called it fake and an actor hired by Dean Browning.
  7. It has come to people’s attention that the person claiming to be Dan Purdy was actually William Holte aka Byl Holte- the nephew of Patti Labelle.
  8. Dan Purdy is an anti-feminist critic.
  9. To make it all clear, Dan Purdy is an alleged black identity of Dean Browning and Byl Holte is the man in the video claiming to be Dan Purdy.
  10. Dan Purdy- the persona or a real person(if it exists) is a Trump supporter.

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