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Hot Mess Express Pinky Style Tiktok: Who Is She?

Hot Mess Express Pinky Style Tiktok: Who Is She?

Who is Hot Mess Express Pinky Style? The new TikToker @hotmessexpresspinkystyle has gone viral on the internet with millions of views. 

Hot Mess Express Pinky Style is a username of a new TikTok star who has garnered millions of fan following. Her unique content and comedy gigs on this platform have attracted viewers.

Also, the aspiring social media influencer has launched her merch products on BONFIRE. We can buy her pocus apparel outlined in designed merchandise products like pullover hoodies, T-shirts, and many more.

Moreover, she has garnered 3.7 million followers and 49.3 likes as of July 2021 on TikTok. 

Who Is Hot Mess Express Pinky Style TikTok?

Hot Mess Express Pinky Style is a TikTok star, YouTuber, and influencer.

She is known for her amazing entertaining videos that she responds to other TikTok user videos. 

In one of her videos, she replied to a question “Should I tell my parents I’m adopted or keep it a secret? She has genuinely responded to that question.

First, you have to see if your parents are mentally or physically stable. Second, How old are they? If they are aged, then, they might have a serious stroke cause every parent can’t handle this kind of news. Third, if he/she tells the news then make sure you must tell them, they are still your parents no matter what. 

Her Real Name And Age Explored

Hot Mess Express Pinky Style’s real name is Pinky Patel. 

Talking about her age, Pinky’s age must be around 50-55 years.

Unluckily, her actual date of birth is under wraps now. We’ll keep you updated once the information is made public.

Many of her fans might not know, but Hotmessexpresspinkystyle is bilingual.

Moreover, she is also a YouTuber. Her YouTube channel called Hot Mess Express Pinky Style has nearly 4.85k subscribers so far.

Regarding her nationality, Hot Mess Express Pinky Style is American by nationality as she currently dwells in Chicago.

Is  Hot Mess Express Pinky Style On Instagram Too?

Yes, Hot Mess Express Pinky Style is on Instagram with good fan followers.

Currently, she has 15.2k admirers on this platform.

Additionally, Pinky is quite secretive when it comes to her family. She has literally kept her parent’s and husband’s details private.

According to her Facebook bio, she describes herself as a comedian. The gorgeous crowned woman Pinky is a working woman too. 



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