Who Is The F1 Commentator Married To?

David Croft Wife: Who Is The F1 Commentator Married To?

David Croft Wife: Who Is The F1 Commentator Married To?

David Croft is a popular F1 commentator married to his wife, Victoria Croft. So, how much net worth does David Croft share with his wife? The details and secrets about their marriage will be disclosed in this article!

David Croft is a common name among F1 racers and fans. He is a renowned broadcaster for Sky Sports Channel and BBC Radio 5. As a matter of fact, he is known for commenting in the Formula one racing shows. 

David Croft Wife: Who Is The F1 Commentator’s Married To?

David Croft’s spouse name is revealed as Victoria Croft aka Loz Bradley. Victoria is a 39 years old interior designer. Likewise, both David and Loz share a common love for formula one racing games.

David and Victoria have 4 children together. They are named as Chris, Daniel, James, and Sammi. Furthermore, the family loves attending various car shows together. 

David Croft Background: Everything On Family

David’s parents and grandparents are a native of Sheffield, England. Similarly, David is very close to his grandfather. In fact, David recently celebrated the 100th birthday of his grandfather with a grand party.

His parents inspired crofts to take part in a car career from an early age. However, the names and details about David’s parents are not available to date. Nevertheless, Croft cherishes his big family and shares many pictures on his Instagram. 

His Bio And Net Worth

David (born on June 19, 1970) is the age of 50 years old now. He was an early F1 race enthusiast and started his career with the Sky Sports network. Similarly, impressed by his talent, he was later hired by BBC Radio 5 in 2006. 

According to Alux, David Croft owns a whopping net worth of $25 million USD. Additionally, he is one of the wealthiest commentators in the world. Moreover, he owns many expensive cars and enjoys expensive vacations each month.

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