Who is Twitch Streamer allecakes? Reddit, Age, Net Worth, Bio

allecakes Real Name And 10 Facts To Know

allecakes Real Name And 10 Facts To Know

Alejandra, commonly known in the digital space as allecakes, is a Twitch streamer who usually spends her online time cooking streams and chatting. Twitch, the streamer, was a rising star of Reddit when she was featured in the Reddit thread of The Asian Cuties of TwitchTv.

With the growing popularity of digital space, Allecakes has sure been a part of the first wave of rising Twitch and Reddit content. She is a member of a Twitch group Misty University alongside streamers like KittyLiXO and Mistymaps. The streamer has a separate fan following, and it is time that she is known to us.

Quick Facts: allecakes Real Name And 10 Facts To Know

Name allecakes (Alejandra)
Age mid 20’s
Gender Female
Nationality Chinese
Profession Twitch Star
Instagram allecakess
Twitter allecakes

10 Interesting Facts On Allecakes

  1. Allecakes’s real name is Alejandra, or Alle for short. She is popular by her nickname on the social media platform.
  2. Allecakes’s is a Twitch star famous for cooking and chatting streams. She currently has 19 k in Twitch. She usually streams 3 days a week, including Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 pm PST.
  3. According to her Twitch account allecakes, she is born in Guatemala in Central America. However, she is Chinese.
  4. Allecakes’s age has not been confirmed yet. Watching her streams suggests that she is in her mid 20’s. It is not yet revealed to when she was born and to whom.
  5. Allecake’s Reddit popularity increased when she was featured in Reddit’s The Asian Cuties of TwitchTv.
  6. Unfortunately, Allecakes’s bio can only be seen in her Twitch description, which in and itself is the bare minimum. 
  7. Since Allecakes is a Twitch streamer, her earning and net worth cannot be listed for certain. However, her monthly earnings could range from $1000 to $5000.
  8. Allecakes’s OnlyFans page allecakes has over 8.5 k followers. Here she posts pictures and videos for her fans ahead of other social media.
  9. Her Twitch description also suggests that she speaks both Spanish and English fluently.
  10. Allecakes’s Twitter and Instagram handle ‘allecakes’ has over 59k and 3.5k followers respectively.

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