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Carmella Riley

Carmella Riley

Carmella Riley is an American actress and writer who is best known for appearing in the 2017 movie,”Kidnap”. The actress portrayed the role of “Stephanie” in the thriller movie. Moreover, she has also made quite a lot of appearances on TV through shows like “How To Get Away With Murder”, “Brooklyn 99”, “Modern Family”, and “Grey’s Anatomy.” 

Besides, Carmella Riley has done a lot of work in theatre productions as well. She has started her acting career in theatres. As a model, she has appeared in more than  20 commercials as well. The actress has done quite a few voiceover works also. Carmella has recently started her personal website and seems very much excited about herself. She does feel big things coming for her. 

Name Carmella Riley
Age 34
Gender Female
Height 5 Feet 4 Inches
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Twitter carmellacmr

Here is everything one needs to know about this beautiful and wonderfully talented actress. 

10 Facts on Carmella Riley

  1. Carmella Riley is an American actress, model, and writer known for her role in the movie, Kidnap. 
  2. Moreover, Carmella Riley is 34 years old at the moment. She did start acting late. 
  3. As the actress is still looking for her breakthrough role, Carmella Riley doesn’t yet have a Wikipedia biography. 
  4. She has a good height as well. The actress stands 5 feet and 4 inches tall. 
  5. Carmella Riley doesn’t talk much about her family as he prefers to keep them off the spotlight. 
  6. Hence, she hasn’t given much away about her husband or relationship status yet. 
  7. The actress does have an Instagram presence but she doesn’t use it much. 
  8. Moreover, Carmella prefers her roles around comedy and drama. Her portrayals also suggest likewise. 
  9. Besides, she is a member of SAG/AFTRA and Television Academy, for which the actress is quite proud. 
  10. The actress has a beautifully written IMDb biography, of course. Her bio can be found on several other websites as well. 

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